How it works

Three great ingredients. one epic cake

The Dine Local App

Helps Locals find you via an interative map and enables then to order &pay under your roof or theirs

The Dine Local Hub

Where you can easilymanager your account, menus, update your service offering and see how your business is doing on the platform.

The Dine Local Terminal

Connects you with your customer. it prints your orders and lets you quickly respond to changes. And it enables easy payments that speedup your processes and their experiance

You dont need to be a tech whizz

the platform has been intutively designed for the smoothest, effortless user experiance. Like a hot knife through butter. If something does get a little sticky, we're available to help you out.

Well Take care of all the setup for you

This includes your menus, opening times, table numbers, user permissions and any other settings needed to get you up and running.

your set-up journey

As easy as 1, 2, 3

You sign up to the platform
We set you up and send out your terminal
You go live on the DineLocal platform

What's in it for you?

You can control everything via your DineLocal hub and Terminal

Reach the people on your patch - and keep them coming back

Reap the rewards of higher custoer spend

There and no ties

Cancel anytime